Loading Trucks with Firewood

Pricing is based by the ton for wood that is picked at our Pelham, Alabama facility. Seasoned (dry) wood costs more per ton because it takes more pieces of wood to weigh a ton.

Around 95% of our wood is delivered in bulk or volume. We also have dock services available for customers at our Pelham, AL location. For bulk and large volume wood delivery, shipments may require dump trucks or palletized van loads. Regular deliveries are made to businesses around the Southeast, including the following states: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Our burlap bags of hickory chunks are perfect for smokers and our burlap bags of hickory wood chips are nice for starting fires without the use of chemicals. We are open to the public for home and cooking wood.

Burlap Bag of Hickory Chunks and Chips

We Sell the following products

  • Bundled Hickory

  • Bundled Oak

  • Pallet Firewood

  • Loose Firewood

  • Wood Chips

  • Hickory Chunks